NJMCDirect offical website www.njmcdirect.com is an online payment transaction platform that facilitates you with a NJ Ticket Prefix Code, enabling you to search for traffic tickets and place payment orders for all NJ Ticket Fines.

Anytime you breach traffic or parking laws, even if it is unintentional, traffic cops issue a challan and issue you a ticket for such offence. You must pay nj ticket within the specified time frame. People usually go to court to pay their fine. We understand how inconvenient this offline system is. But don’t fret, we’ve got some fantastic news for you.

Paying a traffic ticket has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the digital age. The New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) has created a website called NJMCDirect on which you can now pay your traffic ticket fees online with the help of your smartphone or computer. You only need a gadget that can connect to the internet. You have to go to court and wait in a long queue in order to the njmcdirect pay tickets if you pay fines offline. Instead, using the NJMCdirect portal will save you time. Now you can pay it in a few simple steps.

What is NJMCDirect?

Njmcdirect is the online traffic ticket payment portal for the NJ Municipal Court, in which you can pay your traffic and parking violation fees. In order to pay your traffic tickets online, it utilizes your prefix code. You will be able to obtain a prefix code by submitting a few details. You will need the prefix code in order to pay for your traffic fines. So you don’t have to look for njmc court locations or wait in a big line to pay your traffic fines anymore.

Payment may be made quickly and simply via the Njmcdirect online traffic ticket filing site. The official website of the njmcdirect is www.njmcdirect.com. You must go to this website and enter the prefix code, and then it will display your traffic ticket fine.


Benefits of Using the Official Website of NJMCDirect

There are a plethoraIn today’s hectic world, one does not have the time to visit the New Jersey State Municipal Corporation office to settle a traffic violation charge. Settling the fee at the municipal corporation office is inconvenient and time-consuming. That is why the New Jersey local government has an official website that may be used to pay for traffic tickets. Not only that but there are a number of other benefits to using the official NJMC website.

  • Time Saving – When you use the official NJMC direct website, you will be saving a great deal of time and resources going to the New Jersey municipal court and paying the violation fee, which is a needless process.
  • Flexibility – Individuals may also use this website to monitor their parking details and get all of their car records. To obtain all of the details, you must provide all of the relevant information required, as well as any other information that may be requested. You also don’t have to be concerned about working hours while verifying this information. This info is accessible on NJMC direct’s official website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Safe And Secure Payment – The NJMCdirect online portal is a government-run website. As a result, using and paying their traffic violation fine is completely safe. And this online procedure will be free of any online scams.
  • Reliable – Consider the case when a person is eager to save time by traveling to the New Jersey Municipal court to pay a traffic ticket fine. The official website of NJMC is a completely reliable and secure method of paying for all your penalty violation tickets online using a laptop or other mobile device. The online portal is maintained by the government. As a result, it is entirely free of any online fraud.

How to Pay Traffic Ticket Online Through NJMCDirect Online Portal?

Here are the steps to pay your traffic ticket online through the NJMCdirect online portal.

Note that you can visit the New Jersey Municipal Court portal via your smartphone or computer. Furthermore, ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

  • To get started, go to the official www.njmcdirect.com ticket payment online portal. You’ll be taken to the new NJMCDirect website (https://portalnjmcdirect-cloud.njcourts.gov).
  • Select Traffic Ticket from the two options (Traffic Ticket and Municipal Complaint) on the webpage.
  • You can choose the Traffic Ticket option to pay ticket online NJ.
  • Enter the Court ID/Name and Prefix, Ticket Number, and License Plate Number in the appropriate fields. Then press the Search button.
  • You can now examine and pay for your traffic ticket.

You can pay for your ticket using a credit or debit card. The following companies are permitted to use credit or debit cards:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard

How to find a NJ Traffic Ticket Number Online?

Don’t be concerned if you’ve misplaced or lost your ticket number. You can use NJMCdirect to look up and locate your traffic ticket number online. Here are the actions you must take to complete this task.

  • To find your ticket number, complaint number, driver’s license number, or name, go to the NJ Municipal Court Case Search.
  • To continue, go to the website and select Search, then I Accept.
  • Select Ticket Number from the Search by drop-down menu.
  • Enter the Court ID, Prefix, and Number (if applicable).
  • Now type in the Captcha code and hit the search button.
  • You may look up your traffic ticket number online by following these steps. After you’ve found your ticket, go to www.njmcdirec.com and pay your ticket online.

What to do if you Can’t find your ticket information on NJMCdirect?

Do you have difficulties locating your ticket information? Don’t be concerned; there is indeed a way to solve this issue. Look for your parking ticket using the above-mentioned techniques on the official web platform to find out your ticket number. If you are still unable to locate your NJ Ticket information, contact Municipal Courts customer care and provide them with your details, such as your driver’s license or license plate number.

How can I get in touch with the Municipal Court of New Jersey?

When you have questions about a traffic citation, the best choice is to contact NJMCdirect customer support. As a result, below is the phone number for NJMCdirect. Phone number and address for the New Jersey Municipal Court Direct Office

  • 973-284-4945 or 609-292-8580
  • Their main office is in NJMC Public Safety Building, 228 Chestnut St, 2nd floor, Newark, NJ.

What is NJMCDirect’s Online Working Hours?

Strangely, the official online portal of the New Jersey Municipal Courts does not always allow you to settle your traffic penalties.

This service is not available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your payments must be made at specific times. The time zone is EST (Eastern Standard Time).

  • 4:30 am to 11:15 pm – Monday to Thursday
  • 4:30 am to 10:15 pm – Friday
  • 4:30 am to 3:15 pm – Saturday
  • 1:00 pm to 11:15 pm – Sunday

NJMCDirect Phone Number

For any further assistance, you can contact them directly by visiting their headquarters or calling their NJMCDirect phone number.

225 E. State Street, Trenton, New Jersey, United States of America

NJMCDirectContact Details
Phone Number1 (609) 292-6500


The finest online platform for paying your traffic tickets is njmcdirect.com. It made the procedure of paying for tickets a lot easier. You can access the NJMCDirect website from anywhere and avoid having to go to the courts in New Jersey. It will save you a significant amount of time. Within 90 days of payment, you can access your tickets and check the specifics of your transaction.

We hope you found this post useful, although after reading it, you will be able to purchase tickets. If you still have questions or are having problems, you can post them in the comments section.

Is there a fee associated with paying a parking or traffic ticket online?

If you pay your traffic or parking tickets online, you will be charged a service fee. The service fee charged by Njmcdirect.com is 3% of the total amount.

Will a traffic ticket that I received today be viewable or payable today?

After a traffic ticket is issued, it usually takes 1 to 4 days for it to be available to view on Njmcdirect.com. If your ticket is still unavailable after four days, you can either wait a few days and try again, or you can call the court.

What am I looking for in order to find my traffic ticket and Time Payment Order?

To find your traffic ticker or time payment order, you’ll need the ticket number, prefix code, license plate number, and court ID.

What if I misplaced my parking or traffic ticket?

If you’ve misplaced your ticket, you’ll need to file a claim. In this scenario, you should call your local police department, the Njmc (New Jersey Municipal Court), or a local parking authority.

What if i disagree with the details mentioned on the parking/traffic ticket?

If you disagree with the specifics, you can call Njmc customer care or go to Nj courts to have your issues resolved.

How long should I wait for my njmcdirect ticket?

It will take around 2 to 3 working business days for you to appear online. If you are unable to locate your ticket on njmcdirect after the time limit has expired, you may contact the division clerk to learn about the pending cause.

How can I send the payment to njmcdirect?

If you want to pay your ticket by mail, contact the official njmcdirect mail support at [email protected] or go to the court in person. You can also finish your payment using the official website www.njmcdirect.com.

What if I cannot find my NJ ticket on njmcdirect?

Wait 4 to 5 days before contacting the customer service department.

How do I use my American Express card on njmcdirect?

Simply log into njmcdirect and select the credit card option, then enter your American Express credit card information and you’re done.

How do I check all of a vehicle’s tickets?

To view all of your tickets, you must first log in, after which you will be able to view all of your tickets using your vehicle plate number as a reference.

How much does a seat belt violation cost in NJ?

If you’re found driving without a seat belt, you’ll have to pay a fine of roughly $46 plus a penalty and convenience fee.